What if your entire world was someone’s school project?

This is something that I have been thinking about for a while… and today I found a video that describes it better than 1,000 words.

via: Myaka

And anyway, here are my (less than) 1,000 words on the subject:

It comes to my mind that we are a bio-game, that someone else is playing… yes, as the video-games kids play but in “manifest 3D reality” (the Vedas reffered to it as The Game of Lila). And it comes to my mind that we are missing out the concept of interdimensionality. So much, that I even went to see if there were definitions of it online…nothing about that in Wikipedia! nothing in the online dictionaries!

I imagine a game in several dimensions, like the layers of a layer cake. As we see a second dimension, for example when we draw a cow grassing beside a green forest, I imagine someone watching us from a 5th dimension… because I bet we sometimes grasp until the 4th (when we look at ourselves, observe what we say, make a conscious decision about something). I imagine someone playing with us from a 5th dimension. And not only one force, but a set of complex forces that intertwine with the unique and only source of light in a dance of lights and shadows. And I imagine my Spirit as the only player that I want to give my life to. The only player that should be telling me what I (or better, what I see of my self every morning in the mirror) should do. And I dream about all these beautiful spirits finding the way to intertwine all our stories, in order to bring us together into a playful team. I see them laughing lovingly at our failures, giggling at our fears and waiting patiently for us to listen to them. And I imagine how the whole team gets points as anyone of us releases just a simple fear, or as someone opens her/his heart to learn what love is. And I see every tear as a sign of a melting structure, a released notion or conditioning, a bright and translucent call for freedom.

I will put the title in other words: What if our entire world was someone’s avatar in a “manifest 3D reality” bio-game?


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